"Winning Your Kids With Play"
Do you feel like you are losing your children, that there is no communication...
You are unable to reach them, you see them moving further and further away from you... 
I know that feeling as a mother of two sons. I have been down that path.
I watched as my family was ripped apart because we did not know how to communicate with each other.

My husband and I had differing views on parenting and while we argued about what was the best way to deal with our kids we failed to see the danger signs before it was too late. Looking back over the years I wish that someone had stepped in and given us
much needed advise.

Because I have walked this painful path of loosing my children for a period of time,  I developed  what I call Radicalkidz and Winning Ways with my good friend Lorette Dye. "Winning Ways" has become a life line to so many parents wishing to build a Strong, Happy Family Unit.
Deborah Kokaua 
Co-founder of RadicalKidz
If you can relate to my message or if you are a parent concerned about getting it right from the beginning, then this webinar is for you... 
why take a chance on what is your greatest asset. I believe prevention is better than cure...
What You Will Learn On This FREE Webinar:
Your Secret Weapon - Play

With her knowledge and experience Lorette Dye will teach you how to make life easier for you and your children following only a few basic steps.
Goals you can achieve through play
Do not miss out on this opportunity to learn how to relate to your children in a radical way. Building a Strong Communicating Family.
How play can replace discipline 
Play can replace disciplining your children if you know how to us this secret weapon!

join  us now on this free webinar where Lorette Dye will show you a Secret Weapon right at your finger tips called PLAY
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