Lorette Dye
Co-Founder of RadicalKidz
Our courses will enable you to be the best parent you can be and teach you how to use your time with your children optimally.

Masters degree in psychology, a BA in languages (creative writing), BA (Psych), Dip (THL), BA (CW), MA (Psych) (with specialization in art therapy and the effects of sexual molestation.)
From the Desk of Lorette Dye
Written on June 7th, 2019                 info@radicalkidz.online

I am Lorette Dye, as a young woman and when I had my first child, I was very optimistic and determined to be a good mother. Like many others I would criticize mothers whose children would be disobedient, throw a tantrum or would be running around and screaming in the shops. But then reality struck and I was humbled in a big way when it was my child that wouldn’t sit still in the coffee shop or would scream and/or hit another child. 

After I had my third child, I realized that I would not survive parenting unless I start to do things in a different and more radical way. It became a journey of trial and error and along the way I learned a lot and gladly share this with you. I hope that your journey as a parent would be a bit easier than mine with the right kind of knowledge available to you from the start. Today my children are grown-ups and to see how they became happy, successful people that can negotiate life very well and love me to bits is all the proof I need that radical, conscious parenting leads to radical kids. 
How can I help you?
I know that every parent has the desire to be the best parent they could possibly be. However; it is easier said than done. What is the best for children? If you do something that works for one child, will it work for others as well? You are always tired and under stress, is it still possible to be a good parent? And what about other people that you have no control over that also influence your child? Is there a recipe or some principles that can give you all the answers?

This is typical questions that parents ask and struggle with. 

I can give you the answers to these and other important questions when it comes to parenting. My books and courses will give you the clarity on what it means to be a good parent and what you have to know and do to be sure that you’ve done the best job as a parent as you possibly could.

My books and courses will give you the peace of mind as a parent that you understand and can do that is needed to be successful as a parent. 
My qualifications
I am trained in psychology and art therapy and am a lecturer and I believe that people are most important and therefore what you build into your children is one of the few lasting things we can leave behind. 

I have a Masters degree in psychology, a BA in languages (creative writing), BA (Psych), Dip (THL), BA (CW), MA (Psych) (with specialization in art therapy and the effects of sexual molestation.)

I founded the Art Healing Academy and presents workshops on a variety of subjects including on parenting. As a speaker at functions, I always try to inspire people to become the best version of themselves as I believe empowering people is crucial for growth and emotional healing.

I have written and published ­several books including “The STREPCO approach to therapy” as well as the best- seller “Die 3 grootste issues van ’n vrou.” (The three biggest issues for a woman) and Art therapy across cultural and race boundaries. I published several magazines and worked as presenter at radio stations including running programs on parenting. 
My heart and motivation
My heart is to use mass media to inspire and empower people. Children are in themselves beautiful and innocent. They are also vulnerable and like a clean slate. As parents we can influence who they become; it is almost as if parents have unlimited power to transform and determine what is written on the clean slate that were given to them. 

There is no qualification needed to become a parent and some of us are reluctant parents. As parents we are expected to know and do the right thing but it is not that easy as every child and circumstance is different. If I can make your job as parent just a little bit easier and set guidelines that help you to see the way forward clearly, I have fulfilled my life’s purpose.
Deborah Kokaua
Co-Founder of RadicalKidz
RadicalKidz and Winning Ways is a life line to many helping them build Strong Happy Communicating Families.
From the Desk of Deborah Kokaua
Written on May 5th, 2019                  info@radicalkidz.online

I am Deborah Kokaua and I have a story that many of you can relate to as a young mother I made many mistakes. I did not have a "pretty" start to life and let’s just say there were many challenges at an early age. Coming from this sort of background does not equip you for motherhood. Looking back over the years I can clearly see that my lack of parenting
skills and general life skills had a dramatic effect on my children. For many years I lived with guilt that I had gotten it so very wrong. 

I am happy to say that I was willing to learn and in so doing I was able to let go of the guilt and build an amazing relationship with my two sons. Today we have a warm loving relationship and they are both young men I am very proud of. I have had to do a lot of healing and self forgiveness over the years. In saying all of this I cannot change what is done but I can share my walk with other parents and hopefully in doing so I can help those that can relate to my story. 
My Passion for Life and people
I have always been involved in helping others, from an early age I had a heart for those I saw needed a helping hand. I have worked with hundreds of children from dysfunctional families over the years seeing first hand how broken parents make broken children. If we can teach parents how to be better parents we have a chance at real change. 

RadicalKidz and Winning Ways was my brainchild and wanting to make a real difference by helping to build Strong Happy Communicating Families I approached my good friend Lorette Dye to come on board. Together we have combined our skills and come up with programs that work and that show tremendous results. 
My Working Career
At the age of 20 I started my first of many start up businesses which I ran for 23 years successfully. I have over the years been involved in many start ups, I am a visionary. I joke that I am "unemployable"so have only ever worked for myself which I believe is kind of true. I have been involved in many community based programs helping to create products that are exported all over the world. 

I have launched a Magazine that became the voice of the voiceless empowering real change in many communities. I have done a lot of public speaking over the years a huge achievement for someone that as a child was known to wet their pants in front of the class when asked to recite a poem. I am what is known as street savvy but still that child at heart.
My heart and motivation
GOD blessed me with the ability to see beyond words, forgive much and care abundantly..... my ability to connect with people from all walks of life and speak hope is what drives me. RadicalKidz and Winning Ways is my way of giving back.
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